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Exciting news we're arranging doula support!

You can expect us to visit for prenatal meetings we will discuss childbirth, practice coping skills that are affective throughout early and active labor. Doula being available for your partner and birth team for reassure, education, resources, and we create a birth - postpartum plan that will help you get a strong start not only in your pregnancy but for parenthood. This includes up to 22-hours

of total doula support!


    Labor & Delivery

    You can bet I will be there bed side for labor and delivery!!

    Normally, labor and delivery can last between 12hrs-24hrs. After giving birth, your doula will provide postpartum care for a few hours. Your doula will visit you again in the next 3-5 days for another few hours. Finding yourself needing addition support after getting settled in at home. We can arrange a schedule for me to extend postpartum daytime care or overnight support at your home!! 


      Everyone deserves a healthy start into parenthood & childhood


        "With the anticipation of a looming hospital admission, many pregnant women might have particular vision in mind: A momentous occasion with cheerleading and coaching at the bedside. Potential pain relief. A birth plan followed to perfection.

        But reality may not always match the fantasy. And while patients expect and deserve ample support during their birth experience, traditional hospital systems can fall short. Why? Most nurses and providers oversee multiple laboring patients with varying medical needs at the same time. For this reason, many women turn to doulas for an ongoing support system."

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