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Beloved Doula

Who I am.

I am a mother. My journey into motherhood started at a young age. Unfortunately, at that time there were many barriers I faced while becoming a mother. To many people was around for the cuteness and kissing of the baby, or to take pictures. Most of my family and friends didn't know how or why I needed support because culturally "women have babies all the time."  Of course, this led me to a dark and lonely place. More times than often. I've witnessed my share of systems creating unnecessary battles for pregnant women. In addition to growing up within a family with health disparities. My family is full of strong women and men fighting stereotypes and statistics. Decades later these same issues still exist for expecting parents that look like members of my family. This is what lite the spark in me to pursue a career in becoming a birth and postpartum doula for expecting parents on their divine journey, to a gentle birth. As a doula I have the ability to easily identify common practiced procedures that are performed in the hospitals or at home births. Doulas have grate knowledge in assisting birthers with creating a plan for a low-risk pregnancy. Along with provide continuous support for you and your partner throughout labor and delivery. A doula is one of the most positive progresses made in the maternity care. Even though you may be well prepared, or not! Labor, delivery and postpartum can bring on anxiety, unnecessary interventions, fear, or a hard time finding your balance once post baby. Do you need a flame from my fire to light your torch that will navigate your birth path?!



Doula Bestie

What is a Doula?

We guide you through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, ensuring that you know what to expect, and feel prepared, confident, and in control.

We are experts in a variety of birth and parenting philosophies, techniques and procedures, so that you can understand all of your options and have reliable resources that are right for your family.

We work to improve your communication with your health care providers.

We create an environment that promotes bonding between you, your baby, and your partners and family members during birth and the postpartum period.

We help you design your birth plan and postpartum plan and carry out your wishes. You can delegate tasks to trusted professionals, so that your birth and postpartum period are easier.


As a doula, I am initiated to serve excepting birthers and partners while having a supernatural experience. ​This chosen path of love, oneness, family, sisterhood, brotherhood, and friendships are created by mother nature to bring forth new light! 


Service includes Prenatal meet ups held in person or virtually. Are you someone who plan ahead of time? If your less than 24-25 weeks pregnant but would like to secure doula services now, you can!


Service starts at 25-42weeks. During these times we will focus on the different methods and techniques for labor and delivery, with the goal of a gentle birth. Providing care during the onsite of birth or backing up a partner is important to expecting parents.


 Postpartum day or overnight doula support allows parents to adjust into parenthood. During the early stages of parenting, this help to create balance for your lifestyle.


$2,000 for Birth and Postpartum Service

$45 per hour for Day/Overnight Postpartum Care

​Accept: FSA, HSA, and Payment Plans are welcomed.​​





Birther Focused

 Let's briefly discuss your birthing plans and who is going to be on your birthing team. Book your consultation today!


 While you are over there kindly complete the intake form. I appreciate if you could allow me 24 to 48 hours to reply.


Oh boy I'm flying high that you are seeking birth and postpartum care!!

Expecting parents, I support

  • your choice

  • your labor

  • your partner

  • your body

  • your baby

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